April 22nd
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he’s always, always in my mind - not as a pleasure, any more than i am always a pleasure to myself - but as my own being; so, don’t talk of our separation again - it is impracticable.
the borgiasq
April 21st
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she is not truly beautiful, but something about her draws the eye.

April 20th
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April 19th
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Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire US, May 2014

April 18th
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A Christian Dior photo shoot in the 50s, Paris.

April 18th
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every day is a day closer to eurovision 2014

April 18th
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The Great Day of His Wrath

John Martin, 1851-53

April 17th
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"The lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts."

April 16th
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April 16th
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